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  1. javsto

    javsto New Member

    At what age is it ok to introduce mealworms to a 3 month old veiled cham? Are the exoskeleton or whatever its outer skin is called to hard to digest or cause impactions?
  2. seanUTD

    seanUTD New Member

    Chinton... Yes it's hard for them to digest at ANY age... I use them but VERY rarely as treats... Like 2 times a month at most because you are correct ey can cause impaction
  3. sandrachameleon

    sandrachameleon Chameleon Enthusiast

    Yes absolutely it is fine to introduce small mealworms to a young chameleon. Preferably gutloaded mealworms.

    Variety of feeders is very much the way to go.

    As you note, however, they do have quite a bit of chinton for their size, so mealworms should form only a small portion of your chameleons diet.

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