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Apollo has been eating like a pig, the problem is...its only crickets.
I have purchased superworms for him but he does not want to eat them, i tried putting them in a clear container so he can see them, a white container that he can't see through, and ive tried hand feeding him, but he looks at it for a bit, then looks away and seems uninterested.
i want him to eat more than just crickets but i don't know how to get him to eat it.
any advice would be helpful
my cham eats mealworms and superworms and crickets and a moth here and there. just keep trying because soon enough he will want something new to eat... trust me
You can try silkworms and waxworms (but don't use waxworms too often because they are fatty), butterworms, phoenix worms, etc.

Did you try greens, veggies or fruit? (Apollo is a veiled, right? If not ignore this comment.)
yea hes a veiled, whats the best way to introduce veggies and such?
and he is almost 4 months, will he be eating fruits and vegetables now?
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