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So, Rango went to the vet twice last week. He had a perforated bowel (vet suggested from the lack of calcium), he said it didn't look bad and said it probably happened within the last day or two- he was able to correct it. He's had 2 calcium injections, X-rays, and prescribed liquid calcium x2 day. we were sent home with approx. $400 in vet bills in just two days, however, money is not the concern. He still won't eat, he's losing weight, and not drinking. Suggestions?! Can I feed him something with a syringe? I noticed some comments about baby food being an option..
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I am so so sorry. What a horrible introduction to keeping chameleons! I wish you all the best dealing with the pet shop. Think carefully how much more emotional pain and grief you want to invest going after the pet shop because it will come with an emotional toll regardless of your being in the right. Again, I am so very sorry.


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Thanks for all of your help. You guys were great. Unfortunately Rango passed away.

This is so disgusting and so preventable!! I saw in your other thread that they did reimburse you at least. I wonder how often that happens. Poor little guy! RIP.
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