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here is a picture of my females MBD on her hind foot...

Are you positive that this is Metabolic Bone Disease? MBD usually has more significant signs than a single swollen foot. I wont rule it out of course, however, based on the photo and your telling us its in the foot specifically, it looks more like Edema or Gout.
I thought MBD would affect most of the body not just a particular area. Seems like an infection or broken bone to me.
this is just what the vet had told me...

will if u dont mind would u be able to send me a few linkds regarding Edema and Gout.. becasue maybe we have been going the wrong route on curing this... ive treated it with calium drop and a changing my dusting dates!
Fabos, unfortunately, my favourite link about Gout is on the Chameleon Journals website which has been down for a few months or so now. I did not save the information offline so I can't link it to you. However some other decent sources were cited.

I agree with Brandy, IF the swollen area is not cause by physical trama, then it just spells GOUT to me.

www.adcham.com describes gout as:

Gout. A disease caused by excessive uric acid (urate) build-up in blood and extracellular spaces. The symptoms of gout are most obvious when they occcur in limb joints.

how should i go about thisif it is gout...... maybe a trip to the vet or is it something that i can do on my own?
There is one more possibility and more likely she has an infection of her foot. This is not MBD and it could be gout but would affect more likely her joints not foot.
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True but my best guess is an infection. Had the same thing happen to my lateralis male. On 2 feet at the same time. 3 weeks on Fortum and he was ok.
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