mating attempts Failed


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ive tred and tried again..

the funny thing is my female panther never shows my male NON recp. colors..
but when my male gets to close she tries biting him... hissing and running from him! ..

maybe someone can give me some pointers... breeding vieleds was alot easier then this
Sometimes the girls like to play coy and get the males to chase them. Don't take her out right away unless she is biting him...but stick close. Get some gloves on just in case you have to go in there while she is trying to bite.
I have the same problem for a long time............what i did was......introduce the male panther into the female's cage. First for about 5-10 min... then longer....for about a few weeks.......Waala.....they mated yesterday!!!
Sometimes...when the female is not in heat...she will be hissing and biting too!! Or sometimes she is palying hard to get!!:D
well i tried what ChameleonsTree had told me before i went to school. and it worked... my female seemed like she hated him the first 10 times i tied but when i put him in this time she flared at him a little bit but it workd! my male had a hard time figuring out his stuff for a couple minutes but he got the hang of it :D

thanks guys...
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