Match made in heaven! K. tenuis


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So as some of you may know I recently within the last month or so I obtained a 1.1 pair of Kinyongia tenuis from Jared (CainsChams) and just recently obtained a single male from Dan (Klemins). Well I keep my 1.1 pair from Jared in the same enclosure together, there are no signs of stress or irritation however they seemed to be just to friendly with each other. They would sleep next to each other almost every night and were found basking together alot, the seemed more like best friends rather than "Lovers". So Last night I took him away from her and replaced him with the other male and she instantly turned a spectacular blueish green with black mottleing all over her. The lights went off and they both went to sleep as soon as they were asleep I misted for about 1 hour to simulate the wet season and then i also went to bed. I woke up this morning to them "going at it" so to speak and have been like that multiple times today she has also maintained the beautiful coloration the whole time he has been in the enclosure with her. I may have some fertile eggs on the way! ;) Thank you Jared and Dan!
I also as a side not added a metal halide about 5 feet above the enclosure to stimulate a more natural sun and it has cause increased activity and better coloration, I will keep notes on the lighting.
Sounds very interesting...Hope you end up with fertile eggs.
Next time I breed something I will try the wet season method :D
Sounds like it will work.

Good luck with everything!
Congrats! I'm glad the male was able to help a bit and hope you end up with some fertile eggs! The male always showed initial interest, but my old female's disinterest seemed to keep him from advancing.
Excellent news, Nicholas! Keep us updated with their progress. Interesting about the lighting too. Do you have a UV meter you could get a measurement inside the cage with by chance?

I will definitely keep everyone updated on the progress as it shows of course!

Chris: I do not have a UV meter at the moment I did recently have one and had tested the metal halide with it and it was outputting the perfect rays from the height I had it. It has also lost a bit of its intensity over the months of use so it is safe for them and they totally love it, it keeps them out of the bushes and in the canopy so to speak. They also seem to eat more sice I have had it running but that is probably from increased activity.
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