Mars Hydro Cage for Folks in the North


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So i coupon stacked and got the 6.5ft tall one with the 5ftx5ft base for $150 shipped. These are the tough ones with the 1680 thickness cloth, vs 600 or even 200-400 for the light weight brands.

Installation in a 7.5ft ceiling house. Its Very hard to put together and move around, you have to build it on its side, you if you maths, you will find its very tight fit to prop it back up after you assemble it. along with that you need a 5ftx6.5ft area for the frame, and another 5ftx6.5ft area to lay the tent out.
Zero windows. You will need to figure out how to get some mylar or other material for windows glues/sewed to the sides of you ever want to see your chameleon again. Its only got 1 1ftsq screen window that is at eye level.

It unzips and you have access to 2 adjacent sides. and a 3x4ish zip door on the opposite of the 2 adjacent sides. This is great for easy access, and you can flip it up in summer and pretend your scale baby isnt in a tent, if you free range.
It has 3 movable rods for hanging lights.
The reflective material should be mildew proof, and its not a mirror so the cham will never see itself/
It comes with a removable spill tub bottom made out of the same material. Its not completely water tight, but it can hold major spills and protects the real bottom.

Its got 4"ish vents on the top and bottom for running wires, and then they sinch shut, so escape proof.

And if you want a really big planted area, the 5x5 will fit at 250-275 gallon ICB tote just fine, just cut it down to a reasonable size so it will fit through house doors. the foot print on them is like 43"x52".



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This is for your tegu like jox said? If for a chameleon, why not just go the greenhouse route. With either the poly sheets or the thin film cheaper versions.


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Its for the tegu. but can easily be modded with plants for a cham.

I thought about the green house etc, but for $150, i can have this setup in a few hours. Plus i just dont like "clear" cages, guess i could make a white walled cham greenhouse. And this just for when the humidity isnt high (so like 9 months out of the year in ohio LOL). Technically you could also fit 2 reptibreeze Xls in it for like i said, over wintering. Its just too hard to keep humidity above 50% in my area, without getting mold growth in the winter, or everything covered in what i call i smelly cheese layer.
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Oh my gosh,:love: I love tegus, their definitely on my reptile dream-list

Someday I'll own a room full of reptiles...
then a house full of reptiles...
then a whole mansion full of reptiles...
and then i'll open it up to the public as a zoo to offset the costs.
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