Manual Misting or Misting System?

Hello, everyone. I am hoping to purchase a young, captive-bred male veiled chameleon sometime in November or potentially later (depending on when local breeders have chameleons available) and was wondering if it would be okay to manually mist using a spray bottle instead of using a misting system. This is because three days of the week, there won't be anyone in the house to do the misting until about three to four thirty in the afternoon as a result of school and my parents' work schedule. Two days, there would be someone at home but they are generally busy and may go on out-of-house errands regularly. Two more days (the weekend) should be pretty doable by hand as I have a lot of time then. I don't have a massive budget, by I also don't intend to breed or do anything too extreme with the chameleon so I should be able to get the necessary equipment. Nevertheless, it is still a greater price. So: mister, humidifier, dripper, spray bottle... What combination do you guys think would be best?


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A hand mister will suffice, but an automated mister with a humidifier at night and a 2-5 minute hand misting in the morning and at night and a dripper for a couple hours during the day is optimal.
Imo, The Mistking system is the most
Complete customization. But with all of your questions about misting, I would start with an Exo Terra Monsoon Multi
Agreed. Plus, providing mist while no one is home is a good idea. Keeps the humidity up and give the cham a chance to drink throughout the day.
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