Male Panther feeding question


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Chameleon Info:

* Your Chameleon - Panther Chameleon, Male, About 14 months old
9have had him for a little over a week.
* Handling - Only what is necessary (for cage cleaning)
* Feeding - He will eat horned worms if offered almost immediately. Has eaten a few Dubias and Crickets
* Supplements - Rep-Cal Calcium everyday, D3 every other week and Vitamins every opposite week from D3
* Watering - Mist King mister, I have seen him drining on several occations
* Fecal Description - normal looking, not sure if hes been tested.

Cage Info:

* Cage Type - Screen Cage (18"X18"X36")
* Lighting - ZooMed 5.0 18" linear, and an incandescent heat bulb.
* Temperature - Hot spot hits about 85 degrees coolest spot is room ambient temperature (65 to 70 degrees.)
* Humidity - 60-80% during the day, sometimes goes down to 50% at night. Have a Mist King running 5 mist cycles a day 3 at 5 minutes and 2 at 1 minute.
* Plants - Currently just have a fake vine in the cage (evil plant shops don't get Ficus's till the end of the month :mad: )
* Placement - In my room about 2 ft off the ground. next to my other cages. Has a dark plastic liner so they can't see eachother.
* Location - in Pennsylvania, spring coming soon woot.

Current issue:
He ate for me the first day pretty good (5 Dubia and like 10 crickets). Since then he has only eaten like 4 Dubia and about 10 Crickets (total over 7 days). I have also offered him hornedworms every other day (1 or 2) which he eats right away. So I guess my question is is there anything I am doing wrong. Just worried since its been a week and he hasn't broken into a normal diet.

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Maybe you should add some plants. Even if they are fake. He could feel to exposed. Or he just needs some time to settle in. Im not sure. Others may have more opinions.


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so its about 16 feeders a week, if you include the hornworms, right? I wouldnt be concerned. That sounds plenty. Monitor his weight and activity to be sure / reassure yourself.


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My 4mo panther took about 2 weeks, maybe a little more to settle into eating every day. Over the 2.5 week period, he ate a couple of things the 2nd day, then ate everything the day after, then didn't eat for 2 days, then ate again, etc etc... I admit I did get worried. Finally, Fruit flies was the winner with he eats locusts, flies, butter worms, calci worms, wax worms(and hopefully the moths when I try them 2mrw) all from his feeder cup ;) He seems to prefer feeders with legs LOL

I think it just takes some chams a bit of time to settle in. Just keep going with your regular routine, then once he feels safe and is used to what happens every day, he'll start to eat regularly.

Good luck with the lil man :D
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