US Male Panther chameleon


I have a year and a half old male panther chameleon. I am looking to Find someone with experience and able to give him a forever home. He is very picky when it comes to food. I feed him hornworms, crickets and super worms. I do hand feed him But He can be aggressive at times when he does not wanna leave the cage.

You must come and pick him up. I live in New York on the Queens and Nassau border near the Cross Island Parkway. I would like $100 for him.

If you are interested
What is your experience with chameleons and how many do you have?



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If you can't find someone local I would gladly pay shipping costs through a very reputable reptile shipping company and instruct you on how to do it every step of the way.

If shipping is completely out of the question I completely understand. I hope he goes to a good home regardless.

I have 2 male panther chameleons currently. They are the ones pictured in my avatar. I have had them both now for almost 8 months with now problems.
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