Male or female, Please Help me


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Hello, I have a new pet panther chameleon. I'm so confused about it's gender. When I purchased it from the pet store, I was told he was a male. I wanted my first chameleon to be a male bc they are so colorful. Sometimes I will see what appears to be a bulge and sometimes not. So my question is, would anyone know his approximate age and also male or female...



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That bulge is hard to see but the coloring in the second pictures looks male. As for the age I'd say about 3 to 4 months.


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Yea, very clearly a male.
As far as age, I would put it at perhaps 4 months old, although size can vary quite a bit between animals.


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Thank all of you for your little buddy shed about a week ago. I went on vacation and had a family member taking care of him while I was gone. His colors are coming out now, he has more red and definately more green. At one point, I think I saw blue. I will post pictures within the next few days. Now, I definately believe he is male also :)
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