Male Nosy Be Chameleon For Sale with Cage

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Local pickup prefered. If I have to ship him, I will not ship the cage. His name is Raz (because he has some small red dots on his rib area, had since he was a baby) and he is roughly 8 months old. I got him from and he has been a joy ever since! Its just time to pass him along to someone who has the time to take care of him. I mist him 3 - 4 times a day and he gets fed a variation of crickets (small and large), mealeworms, silk worms and he has had fruitflys. I typically spray all around his plants and cage before I spray him (If I do at all). He is very active and bright in color. I give him a mix of calcium and a multi vitamin. The water sprayer I have will come with him, its from exoterra The backdrop on the back of his cage is I believe a 36H X 18L piece of faux stone. Theres a hibiscus and pothos plant in the cage, along with a couple of fake plants. Real and fake twigs for him to climb in all directions.
The price for Raz himself is going to be $300 + shipping, if you want the cage as well add on $75. It is a custom built cage painted with water resistant paint with low/no VOC. If you are interested please email me at:
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