male and female in same enclosure

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ok so i have a male found a female for cheap.. can i ave 2 in a cage/.. one male one female?? or is that bad..
cage is

Jacksons need their own cage.

btw... I changed the topic from "m\f" to "male and female in same enclosure". This way people with similar questions can access your thread.
If they are real young they can stay together but i would seperate them about 5 months old...once they reach sexual maturity he will constantly bother her and she will be very stressed. Remember these are territorial creatures also.

I'd like to refer back to the size of your enclosure.
I think it's kind of small for one cham, let alone two. Are they babies?
Your enclosure is the same size I have for a baby veiled but he has a much larger place to move into once he's big enough.

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