Lucky's stomach

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Lucky is a female veiled about 5-7 months old and her stomach is bigger then it was before what i can tell you is her color looks a little different cause the blackish parts look more darker more shaded i would say, i think maybe she's getting eggs in her.
any ideas?
Did you breed her? We really need more info on your cham and husbandry to be of any real help.
I'm not sure about the blackish coloring, do you have pic's?
Well, from the sounds of it, you should probably supply her with a laying site in her cage. This way if she has eggs, she can lay them. Not all females will lay in their cages, but they may dig around in the soil, giving you clues. If she does this and still doesn't dig a hole and lay, you may have to remove her from her cage and put her in a large garbage can (new) half filled with soil. Lots of privacy is important, if the female doesn't feel comfortable enough to lay her eggs, she may become eggbound and this can be fatal if not caught in time.

Those were just some thoughts, here is an article that may help you more.
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