LTC (1.5 years) Mellers Chameleon

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I have a, what I believe to be, male mellers. He has been in captivity for at least 1.5 years. He was a young juvi when he was brought in and he has been treated for parasites. He has a few nails missing and his horn has a nose-rub type scar on it, but he is otherwise in great health. He eats really well (pretty much eats anything but his favorite is dubia) and drinks like a champ. He isn't exactly docile like most mellers, so if you're looking for a easy going mellers he isn't for you. He is also very active and likes to move around. He loves his 8 foot ficus and should be free ranged or be provided a very large cage. He does tend to roam if he isn't fed often, but he is still growing. He hasn't been with another mellers in my care, so I dont know if he will tolerate them (but he absolutely does not tolerate any of the other species he's seen.)

I would prefer that he be picked-up right now since he is so large but I might consider it if you can convince me to ship him. I am in Sacramento and I can deliver if it's within a reasonable distance for a fee. You will need to prove your knowledge and pictures of set up will be needed, especially if you have never kept mellers before. He would be a good way to get into mellers since he isn't a fresh WC.

$150 - negotiable for the right home

Email me at [email protected]

Thank you

Here are some pictures of him about 100 grams ago. I believe he was about 200 grams then. I can weigh him if you would like.

Size comparison. These are pretty decently big man-hands.
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