Looking to rescue/rehome in Dallaa, TX!!


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everyone under the group so I wanted to say hi and introduce myself I joined this group for my little chameleons and I'm also looking to acquire one or that are needing new homes for whatever reason. I have over 10 years working with exotic reptiles and mammals. I previously owned two Jackson chameleons unfortunately this unfortunately a source I obtained them through wasn't the best situation for them and they were already I'm eating a lot of help health wise. I did what I could after about six months I lost the battle. I was surprised I was able to keep. I was surprised I was able to keep them alive for that one. But because of this experience I realize exactly how much I life is little guys which ultimately led me looking for a new buddy to care for. if you know anyone that is looking to re-home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area please feel free to message me or reply to this post. Have a great day everyone!!


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There's a Facebook group called Chameleon Gems: A Re-homing Group (if I'm remembering correctly), that you can join to see if anyone needs to re-home a cham. I love doing this, and my 2 current chameleons were both re-homed to me :)

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Its so cool that your doing that, Hope you make it through the Texas heat! Houston Doesn't get much better!;)
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