looking good?


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I hope its just part up her growing up but nemo is showing some crazy colours, mostly when stressed/scared as i approach her to take her out, she seems ok when shes on my finger/hand after shes out.
BTW she hasnt shed yet and had her for a week 1/2 and shes about 1 1/2 months old.

sometimes she looks kinda purple? no pic of that but i entered a pic in the contest that i took this morning.

Just looking for some piece of mind.
My lady veiled really only showed colors when she was stressed or mad when she was young. I would say that is pretty common. The picture you posted looked my female when she was that small.

While the girl veileds have way less dramatic colors then the males you can not help but be fascinated with their coloration when they get older. A billion shades of green, blue, orange, yellow, black and if your lucky you can see some pink. I was aprehensive about getting a female as I thought they would be dull but I could not have been more wrong. She is one of the meanest and prettiest things I have ever meet.
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