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I have a baby veiled male about 4 months old. It is in a 16X16X30 all screen cage and i am looking for a simple solution to misting the enclosure. Also i am not trying to spend a ton of money if you know what i mean. I have heard of mistking and a couple other but they seem to invovled for what i want. Would rather just stick to hand misting while in the small cage. Any ideas??
from what ive seen here some ppl like to spend as much money on their chams, the enclosure, mister etc etc and on the other hand there are those who prefer to be more frugal and either shop around for second hand material to building what they need from scratch. So you could just go with a regular hand mister or a bucket with holes drilled into it (just not to big ) or whatever works best for you. Everybody has thier opinion on whats best or what works for them. So the perfect mister can either cost you a nice chucnk of change or it can be a $2.99 baby beach bucket from toys r us. Its all relative but thats just my way of thinking. hope this helps you.
Then just stick to hand misting. It works well and does the job. I have never owned a mister. I mean it is nice to have cause they do the job for you and can mist when you can't be around. There is nothing wrong with hand misting though.
If you are home all day and have the time then hand mist. I enjoy hand misting my guys. If you want to purchase an automatic mister then I'd recommend the Mist King. I also have a couple of Mist Kings.
Those pump spray things is what you are looking for. Not that hand trigger one that makes misting tedious and gives you serious carpal tunnel. But from the overwhelming response, there are very few who have regretted getting a Mist King.
You can't go wrong with old-fashioned spray bottle misting... The only time it doesn't work is if you're not around...
I have a couple of Zoo Med Repti Foggers (around $45 - $55 retail) that I use on tree frog enclosures. They produce a very fine mist (literally a mist and not a drip) and can be used with a simple power timer (available at walmart) to control the on/off cycle. I tried it on a chameleon enclosure once and if set up properly it actually works pretty well. It has a flexible hose that directs the fog. You'll have to position the fogger on top of the enclosure and touch the end of the hose directly to the screen... aim it at the highest set of leaves in the enclosure so that it isn't shooting the mist very far before hitting something (preferrably a bunch of leaves) and let it run at full-mist for around 90 seconds or so.... it will create water droplets on the screen and water droplets on the leaves it's hitting and produce a fine mist that will drift around the rest of the cage and raise the humidity level.
Last I checked you can purchase the fogger at Petsmart...
It's not a MistKing system, but if you're just looking for something to get the job done while you're not around to hand mist, it will do the trick.
im going with the monsoon...everyone says the mist king is GRAND but yet there has been so many for sale lately i dont know..something is fishy lol.
The Mist King system is awesome. I have had mine for 3 months and it has changed my life (no more hand cramps from manual Misting). If you only have the one cage to mist the Starter System is $99.99.

One of the reasons you see more Mist Kings for sale (over other systems) is people upgrading from the Starter Kit to the bigger pump (Starter Kit can do 10 Nozzles, Ultimate Value can do 20 Nozzles, and the Advanced can do 70+ Nozzles).

Mist King Benefits:
1) Quiet - As long as you make sure to tie down all the tubes.
2) Easy to set up- The hardest part is setting the timer, which is easier than programming a VCR (or a DVR if you are young and don't know what a VCR is).
3) Quality Construction - The nozzles are made from high grade plastics, the tubes are heavy duty, and the pumps are top of the line.
4) Easy to add more more nozzles for more cages
5) Great Customer Service - Marty is here on the forum always ready to help if there is a problem
Go with Mist King if you can.

If not another way instead of hand misting is use a dixie type cup on the top of the cage with a hole in the bottom of the cup and fill it with water. Its a poor man dripper. And it works fine.
These pump or garden sprayers are far superior to the trigger type spray bottles more frequently seen at pet stores.

the mistking is nice..but for just a few chams is way overpriced, and packaged like warehouse machinery..i like the monsoon, everything is built and ready to rock..and they are on ebay (fee-bay) for 100.00 bucks shipped..im goin monsoon ( im liking exo-terra stuff rite now..like the incubator too..its nice)
i only have 2 chameleons and my mistking is a god send. im not home as much as i would like and i have no worries about my animals getting enough water. it was worth it to me.

if you are on the market i would check out aquazamp or mistking for sure.
im thinking about going monsoon aswell but instead of using the 1 gallon tank that comes with it, i was going to try and put the control unit on top or above a larger container with a longer hose so that i have a larger amount of water to work with like 5-10 gallons with an air stone and small air pump in it so that it doesnt turn rank from sitting too long and maybe either a heat pad under or a 30 gallon fish tank heater to warm it up some (depending on how large of a container i can get a hold of). Just a thought
itsnt the monsoon 100+. why would you want to buy that and them mod it when other systems are cheaper and more robust.
i say forget the exo-terra they make good mass products but as far as the mistking goes its head and shoulders above.
plus mistking is a site sponsor, and trust me it is simple to install, why buy a monsoon and try to customize when the mistking is totally adjustable to fit any situation.
plus have fun dealing with exo-terra if you ever have a problem.
i called them once and they wont even send me out a damm catalog so i can see all of what they have.
In case some of you are curious what the pumps look like, side by side. Here's a visual.

the mistking is nice..but for just a few chams is way overpriced, and packaged like warehouse machinery..i like the monsoon, everything is built and ready to rock..and they are on ebay (fee-bay) for 100.00 bucks shipped..im goin monsoon ( im liking exo-terra stuff rite now..like the incubator too..its nice)

how is $99 mistking Way overpriced for a few chameleons but $100 exo monsoon is not? That really makes no sense.

I like my exo terra pump spray. think its like $10 bucks works good for me. Till I breakdown and modify my room to have auto misters.
i like my monsoon,i only use it on two of my cham houses,i have the nozzle attatched to the light on top of one pointing down so it litterally is raining in side the home, the other one i stuck through the screen on the other,im happy with mine,no probs,i also mist alot and i use drippers(homemade) all day..no chance for hydration probs in this house,each to their own,but im happy..:D ps..as for adding a heater to heat the water...the water cools in the tubes in between mistings so that is all they will recieve is cool water,they get used to it,took mine awhile but they did..
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