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Hi everyone, again.
3rd post of the night... As I write in one form, I get questions to write in another one.
Ok so to start off... I'm pin the process of building an new cage for my Senegal, its going to have a plant wall, and sitting ontop of a fish tank (she love watching the fish and has occassionally taken a dip) the tank will have many plants growing out of it, into it from the wall, and over it, to avoid issues.
Its going to be about 3'x 3' so tuns of space. What I'm trying to figure out is other very good hanging plants for her. So far I've got a very good vine of pothos going but I'm trying to figure out some other plants to add in as hangers.ideal climbers could work aswell.
So any suggestions, would be absolutly great!
The pic is of Karma in her current housing.
In the wall I do also have the spider plant which will hang.


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