looking for a good cross for my ambanja


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hey everyone, its been awhile and things have changed. my female died recently and not sure why she was also ambanja. now i am looking for a mate. wut would be a good cross, or should i just stay with the same locale?
i have seen ambaja crossed with ambilobes and they look amazind so many colours i am breeding a blue bar ambanja male with a red bar female hope fully some good thing will come.
thats wut i was thinking of getting because ambilobes seem amazing in general. one of the most colorful of all. yea i could just imagine throwing some extra blue in there too. thanx for the suggestion
I have a Faly-Ambanja cross and he's really pretty blues. A faly female might be a bit expensive, but it's been a beautiful cross from what I've seen. But you can't go wrong with an Ambi, or maybe a Nosy if you really like the blues?
Stay with the same locale...

Mixing them just increases the risk of having females sold to a person who does not care what locale she is... Then they are eventually labeled something pure.

People always end up selling their chameleons to people who they trust, and yet, people always end up over stocked or over whelmed with whatever and well... some animals end up in different hands than what we want them to be placed in... Things happen.

Why not get a quality ambanja female? I bet screameleons has something that would go great with your male!
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