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Anyone ever have dealings with lllreptile? Just curious? Was searching around and found them and was looking at their Panthers....
I bought most of my setup from them, but never anything live. Decent email support but they dont send a confirmation when the stuff ships. At least I haven't received one out of 3 orders.
I bought a pair of panthers from them a while back. They were alot smaller than I expected, tiny, like an inch or so. But they were very healthy and are doing great. Good price too, they were runnig a buy one get one half off sale, so me and a buddy went in halfs and got a great deal.
i bought my first chameleon from them, a baby male veiled. i purchased the baby veiled and set up for 159. they supplies were good but the chameleon was not. the chameleon to me was not that healthy when i got him. he did not eat ever. i contacted them about his death and did not seem to care. if purchasing a panther i would go with the kammers, they have very nice chameleons and have been around for many years. so go to chameleonsonly.com and check their panthers
Kinda looking for a NoseyBe or Abanja (spelling) but is hard to talk the wife intoit, not supporting the reptiles right now..... I have eggs incubating and I think she thinks we will have our hands full with them once they are here, she may be right but I cant help what I want hahah....
I live close by and have had dealings with them for years. Some have been good, but without going into detail about it on this forum I would just say I wouldn't be very comfortable having them choose and ship an animal to me. If you're going to order from them, the best advice I can give you is to order the animal as soon after they get it in their store as possible. If there is a health issue with one of their animals, you will most likely receive the same response as John above.

My husband and I buy reptile supplies from them all the time. We also have never bought a reptile from them. They have pretty good service for the supplies.
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