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Has anyone read this book, its called Lizard King. Its supposed to be a true story about the reptile import business, and smuggling. I think its based in part on Tom Crutchfield. I just saw it on amazon and I ordered it. Sounds like it might be good. Has anyone out there read it yet?
The lizard king has been out for quote a while. It's actually about the misadventures of Strictly Reptiles. There is a new book that was released a week or two ago titled Stolen World. This is mainly about Hank Molt and Tom Crutchfield. :)

Thanks for this post. I'm going to check both those books out. I just researched a bunch of those guys named, and it sounds like they were involved in some crazy illegal business. The books and characters involved sound really interesting.
Thanks Luis, I was looking at a few books and I couldnt remember the name of the other book "Stolen World". I guess I got the two confused. Im going to have to order the other one also after I read Lizard King. :)
I found the Lizard King to be very interesting, just give you a look at what went on & some of which may still go on to some degree. jmo
I cant wait for it to arrive. It should be here one day this week. Im going to order Stolen World also. Although after reading I may have a harder time buying imports. :(
Got the book, it was a great read. I read the whole book in 2 days. Its a real quick read. The characters are true and so are the stories. Very informative on how the whole hobby exploded in the last 20 yrs or so. Also sad how little these exporters and importers/smugglers cared for their cargo. A must read for anyone who is in the hobby. ;)
I actually went to the Mario Tabraue's house when I was younger, very impressive collection of big cats! I cant count how many times ive been to Strickly reptiles as a kid and after reading this book I was like "whoa, I didnt know it was like that!" I knew something was up with the tigers in the front yard and baby panther running around the yard, but this book put it all in perspective.
I found the Lizard King to be very interesting, just give you a look at what went on & some of which may still go on to some degree. jmo

The illegal wildlife trade is alive and well, despite our best efforts to curb it. By far the largest contributor to illegal wildlife smuggling is for skins and food in Asian markets. My philosophy is, if you're going to take it from the wild, whether illegally or not, it should be intended for captive breeding efforts and not someone's dinner. :cool:

I also hear that the following titles are rather interesting...

Forbidden Creatures, by Peter Laufer

Animal Underworld, by Alan Green

Animal Investigators, by Laurel A Neme PhD


Wow, thanks for those other title man. I breezed thru Lizard King in one day. It was def an eye into the past and what went on.

Ray/Red Island my dad actually had a big cat when I was in school. Dumbest thing anyone can ever purchase in my opinion. He had a bengal tiger cub. They are cool til they get over 75 lbs and can slice your legs wide open with their claws while just "playing" with you. :rolleyes: My gf at the time actually got african ring worm as did i and others from touching him and petting him.
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