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Hopefully this is the right section of forum to put this in. What are your views on keeping a chameleon outside?

I live in North Georgia and this is the first week since May that it has been sunny for more than 3 or 4 days straight. My cage is a fully mesh cage with multiple plants. My chameleon has been getting a water dripping twice a day for 15 minutes each. I've been keeping her outside for a couple of hours but the sun is not directly out, so she is in the sun some of the time and in the shade the other. Then I bring her inside my screened in patio to let her leaves dry off. Then around dark time, I bring her back inside.

During the times shes out the highest temp is no more than 90. But the low is about 60-62 which is why I bring her in.

How long is it okay for her to stay outside during the day? And its only suppose to get around 70 tonight, is that okay for her to stay outside tonight?

I am guessing you have a Veild or Panther? If so, she can stay outside in those temps at night no problem. I live in Florida and my panthers are outside all of the time. I only allow them outside when it is hot if I am home though. This way I can check on them and mist them down and make sure they are not overheating. They seem to do just fine and it is hotter down here than Georgia I am sure.
Forgot to mention. She actually is a Jackson's. and the high temp, it is actually suppose to be that tomorrow. It's been averaging out around 82-84. But tomorrow is hotter which is why I'm concerned right now!
ah that may be a different story then! I still think the night temps should be fine, but I am not so sure about a Jackson in 90 degree heat. I will let someone else chime in about that one! Sorry!
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