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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by Brad, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. bradleymarky

    bradleymarky New Member

    i went and bought a schefflera today but i noticed a fig tree that was about 4 foot high, it was priced at £14.99, it would look very good in my viv but wasnt sure if it would be ok for chams

    any suggestions
  2. nekrosoft13

    nekrosoft13 New Member

    according to wiki they are toxic to cats and dogs, are they really ok for reptiles?
  3. renzo0684

    renzo0684 New Member

    Yess they are just fine for chameleons...
  4. mr and mrs

    mr and mrs New Member

    i dont know much about plants/trees and im looking at setting up a enclosure for a veiled/yemem i have a lovely big OAK tree outside of my house and was wondering (if i sterilized it) would it be ok to use in a cham viv ? cheers :)

    sorry for all the questions i have be posting but id rather be safe then sorry

    edit: also are aloe vera plants poisonous to chams ?
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  5. mr and mrs

    mr and mrs New Member

    are jasmines ok ??? i saw some one on here had used it the white flowers smell nice :) just wondering would a cham eat them and be ok ???
  6. JAdams

    JAdams New Member

    Im new to the site guys but not the hobby..Im a member at many forums about reptiles but none can answer my question..So i came
    I need to know if i can use some vines i found in the woods in my Veileds cage..
    the vines can get quite large and stretches from tree to tree like branches but its a seperate vine...It has bark and knotts on it...I live in south carolina if that helps..
    I have no clue wat kind of vine this is. here is what the bark looks like.
  7. Infinite ink

    Infinite ink New Member

    japanese maple (Acer Palmatum).. Safe??

    Im looking at a Japanese maple (Acer Palmatum) its awesome but i want to know if its safe before i purchase it, its pretty expensive..
    Any one know if its ok for my veiled??
  8. JAdams

    JAdams New Member

    I have found that this vine is muscadine grape vines..They are native to where i live. But does anyone know if it is toxic after being sandblasted? with all the bark removed?
  9. veildowner

    veildowner New Member

    are rubber plants safe?
  10. JAdams

    JAdams New Member

    By "rubber" do you mean Soft plastic, like exo-terra plants?
  11. veildowner

    veildowner New Member

    no its a live plant dunno the real name of it ill try find out
  12. JAdams

    JAdams New Member

    I apologize for my ignorance..the plant is a fiscus elistica...i think thats how you spell it..
    and yes it is fine..
  13. Covington8950

    Covington8950 New Member

    This definitely looks like a ZeeZee Plant. I have a large, healthy ZeeZee but I only use it as a perch for my Veiled when cleaning her cage because I have not been able to find info about whether or not it's healthy when ingested, and my Veiled eats all the live plants I put in her cage.
  14. tmsjns

    tmsjns New Member

    ok, im new to this ( im geeting my nosy be in 5 days) iv got a juvenille tank ready for him with artificial plants, in building him adult viv myself and when thats done i want to put real flowers on there for him. im thinkin a dwarf Schefflera in the middle and some amazonian vines (Cissus*amazonica) ha nging down and some pothos for cover. in still at the planning stage so if anyones got any suggestions or if im doing something wrong please tell me i just want the best for my lil cham!
  15. cmc1786

    cmc1786 New Member

    I had question I contacted local florist regarding a schefflera in the 4-5 foot range and they said they could get one sent in from California but at they height they where very fickle and was wondering if anyone else has had any trouble related to purchasing them around this height. They also recommended I go with a corn plant instead.

    Thank you,
  16. Thor

    Thor New Member

    What about hydrangeas, are any of them poisonous?
  17. alexcoppola

    alexcoppola New Member

    hey i just got a hibyscus and i was wondering why you have to repot them in organic soil, will it be ok if i just cover the soil with river rocks and not repot it?
  18. most plants come with perlite and you don't want your cham to eat it. Also there can be fertilizer in the soil and on the plant. You want to remove all chances of a bug (crickets mostly) eating the soil or digging around in the soil and contaminating your animal.

    Replanting also give the plant fresh clean dirt of your choice. It is a good idea to add sand to the dirt so water can flow through and not cause root rot. This is a good idea if you run a misting system.
  19. kdinkel

    kdinkel New Member

    how about goat willow or dogwood or a manderine orange tree?
  20. DGray

    DGray Established Member

    say goodbye to Hydrangeas

    Yes, the flower buds are particularly dangerous. They have cyanide-containing compounds. Best not to use any.
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