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So when are people gonna start talking on Live Chat??? Everytime I am on I log on to live chat to see if anyone else might have decided to try it. Just log on when you get on to see if anyone else is on. It would just be a different way to talk about this addiction we have, and I have not even gotten my chameleons yet!!! Anyways, if anyone else knows something I dont about the live chat, let me know, also, if there's going to be a scheduled date and time for chats, lets try it out:D
Here Here, HerpLuv!! I would love people to start using it, such a wonderful tool. However, I still have problems getting onto the chat room period. Anyone know what's up? I know you're supposed to accept whatever it was that pops up, and I do, but the chatroom says there was a connection failure??

Thanks! - :cool:
Brad Chats?

Maybe we can set times to have chat discussions? Like have a chat session about a particular subject for let's say Wednesday at 8pm or something like this, as an example. Or just have a "free chat" about our herps at certain scheduled times. Brad? If you read this, perhaps this is something we could do? Maybe we can even have guests participate? I don't know... seems possibilities are endless :) .
We need to take into consideration our european friends as well. I think Brad needs to approve and be involved in this - let's see what he says.
Chat now

Hey, you are on now, I am on now, go to chat. Anyways, I chatted with Brad last night for a while, he says he is working on some things.
Tarzansma said:
but the chatroom says there was a connection failure?
Anyone else having these problems? I will look into this and see if I can come up with a solution. Do you have any programs running that might block the connection? Is java installed on your system? I recommend trying a non java client. You can download a free one at We are currently located on the efnet network in the #chameleons channel. There is a small learning curve when using your own client. If you need help let me know.

Prism Chameleons said:
Like have a chat session about a particular subject for let's say Wednesday at 8pm or something like this, as an example. Or just have a "free chat" about our herps at certain scheduled times.
Yes, this is what I had planned all along. Instead of trying to replace the forums with live chat, use the chat for specific scheduled topics. An open 'free chat' is fine too. The site is already set up for events and you can view them in the calendar.

Scheduling times that everyone can attend if they want may be difficult. Weekends may be easier. A weekday chat might be better for an 'open topic' chat. What does everyone else think?

In the next few weeks I will probably be moving the chat room to a different network. This will be transparent for people who don't have their own client. At this time I will be adding some needed protection to the channel as well. Currently, it is open to spam type abuse.
Sounds great Brad. Actually, I had just used the Wednesday, 8pm as an example and it ended up a date I think? :eek: I agree scheduling will be difficult as we seem to have forum users from all different time zones.

But, I think it's a great idea to have some type of schedules, subjects, and events for different types of chameleon subjects. Do you have server host for chat taken care of? If you need some help let me know. I might be able to help you with that if need be. Sounds like you have it covered though.

Anyway, great ideas... and I also agree that perhaps weekends may be best for a lot of members.

Look forward to it...
LOL.... now look at what I started :D Wednesday, it is... I'll be there!!!

That's cute ...

Be there or may your skin be shed on a Friday night ;) .

Hey, on second thought, I wouldn't mind a skin shed to make my skin look fresher! hehe :)
There is also a chat session at Kingsnake at 9:00 pm Eastern standard time with Bill Love. Hard choice, but one I won't have to make because I will be in class!

Have fun all.

If people want to check out the kingsnake chat that would be understandable. The chat on this site is informal and mainly to see how well it works; there are no specific topics. I noticed the Kammers will be hosting a chat at kingsnake tomorrow ... I will be checking that out.
I added a bot to the chat room. This will allow for better integration between the website and the chatroom. You can see who is in the chatroom by visiting this page: live chat. I will be improving the look of the chatroom stats and may be adding it to other areas over the next couple days.
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