Little tip for keeping BSFL without a wine cooler


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Omg so I have been misting mine every other day... and trying to figure out why they were not pupating lol. I can’t keep mine in the fridge or they die. Even on the low cool setting I have lost two batches that way.


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interesting. I just keep mine at room temp in a bin of dry coco fiber with gutload on top that just magically disappears, little composters. I add new larvae every 2 weeks, and I get 5-10 flies pretty much daily. I change out the coco fiber as needed too.


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Give them space, heat, and ventilation and they will turn to flies (y)
Yeah I toss them into the gum container when I see that they have pupated. But the last two weeks I was spraying their container thinking aww they look thirsty lol went to check today and they were all happy little larvae so I didn’t have any I could put in the gum container I use in his cage for them to hatch out in.


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Turns out I have way too many, I have another 20+ bsf appearing. I can't just feed him bsf all week right? I can feed to my tarantulas but there are still way too many bsf. I still have a tub full of them, estimated 150 of them, half of them are either pupa or dead because I can't tell the difference.


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I just got my first batch of bsfl last week. I was concerned because a few turned into wriggling pupa and Karma hadn't eaten them yet. But don't think I'll be "rolling them in my fingers" to check their freshness date!
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Yup it’s great hair gel (y)

How do you think I do his sick mullet?
(Excuse his pen, I know I know... no substrate unless it's bioactive)


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