Little fella' won't eat.


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So I got my cham yesterday so i've had him for a total of 2 days,
yesterday he downed 7 small cricks easily,
today he ate only 1 so far.. i offered cup, hand, and wild runnin' cricks.

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - blue barred ambilobe, male, about 3 months old, and 2 days i've had him.
Handling - touched him once, he was falling so i helped him up.
Feeding - So far i've fed crickets.
Supplements - rep cal herp d3 and calcium, only used calcium so far.
Watering - i see him licking branches, and i hand mist for about a minute.
Fecal Description - brown with white tips, pretty normal
History - he was in a 1 hour drive down to me. other than that, i just got him.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - 16x16x20 inches. screen zoo med cage.
Lighting - 24 inch reptisun 5.0UVB and a zoomed 50 watt baskin bulb.
Temperature - i use a digital thermometer, i have 2 set up, basking spot is 80 - 85F and everywhere else is around 74+, at night he gets 65 - 70F
Humidity - Humidity goes from 25 - 60 when misting, otherwise, getting a mister soon.
Plants - not yet, ficus coming soon.
Placement - placed about eye level, mounted onto my wall in the middle of the room so he can see EVERYTHING.
Location - Toronto, ON.
He may just not be hungry right now, try again later (or just leave some in there and see if he's eaten later), I wouldn't stress over it to much, he's in a new place probably just needs time to adjust.
haha, i'm not stressed at all,
i'm just concerned for the little guy!
but alright, i'll give him some time to settle in his new spot.
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