Lighting schedule?


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Hello everyone, I just wanted some other members times with the lights on/off. Every time I wake up my Cham is already awake and ready to go, the lights go on at 8 in the morning to 8 or 8 30 depending on how long free range lasts. What times does everyone else's chams wake up? And go to bed?
Thanks for everyone's input in advance :D
My lights come on at 6, first mist happens at 6:30. I feed at 7 and lights go off at 7. There was a post a week back or so where someone posted the lighting schedule by month to most reflect their natural schedule. If I remember right it was 13 hours during the summer then a few months of 12 and then 11 or 11.5 in the winter.
Yea this makes sense, ha I didn't see that thread. I was just curious to see when other people's chams wake up and go to bed :)
my lights go on at 6:30
they go off at 7:15

Note I cover my cages with a black cloth for extra darkness, they seem to love it, as they (aLL 4) sleep in their very own same spot every night, they look like little angels with their tails rolled in.
Same here, 6-ish to 7-ish. Sometimes they get to stay up to 8, but that's as late as I keep them up. I use a tarp over the females cage covering two sides, females need extra privacy.
For what it is worth, I will share a different schedule. The lights in my Cham buroom come on at 11Am and go off at 11PM.

Now keep in mind, they are in their own building where there is no outside light penetration. It is as dark inside whether it is midnight or noon. They are own this cycle now and sleep through the 'night' and do not wake until the lights come on.

I do this due to my schedule and as a result, their feeding times.

My point in sharing this is that I believe that the length of time is important as is the consistency and making sure they have a solid period of darkness. I dont believe the actual time itself is overly important.

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