Lighting queries for Veiled Cham - Vivarium 45x45x60 Inch by Exo Terra


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Hi there

I am preparing a new vivarium for a juvenile veiled cham. I have decided to go for a Exo Terra vivarium 45x45xH60 Inch, (I understand I will need a larger viv/ flex at some point).
I have been doing a lot of reading up about whether to go for a flexarium or terrarium but I have had good feedback about the viv I have gone for so now I just need to ensure the conditions are perfect (as can be) before I move him in.

I have got the light canopy which comes with the viv but need to decide on the best bulb. Obviously a UVb light and basking light are needed but i need to work out which strength bulb and im being thrown info from all directions so I thought i'd ask some experienced veiled owners rather than pet shops and literature.

Hoping you guys can just tell me from your personal experiences from successful veiled ownership.

Firstly the uv bulbs need to be tube bulbs not compact ones. I would personally use a 10.0 as it is above mesh but many will say a 5.0 is fine.
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