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So I have had my panther chameleon for about two weeks now at this point I know his lighting isn't what he needs and intend to get him some better lighting hopefully this weekend. My question is what lighting would you guys recommend? If it helps he is 7-8 months old and in a 16x16x30 enclosure I do intend to upgrade his enclosure in the near future. Thanks in advance.


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Hi there. So your going to want to get a 24 inch T5HO fixture with one 5.0 zoomed or 6% arcadia bulb if you get a 1 or dual bulb fixture. If you get a quad fixture with a single reflector panel then you need one 10.0 zoomed or a 12% arcadia bulb. With either you want basking level to be 7-8 inches below the top screen and you want the fixture sitting directly on the top of the cage. If you find fixtures you are interested in we can confirm if that will work and which bulb is better. :)
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