Lets try this...


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Ok so I have NO idea if this is going to do right, never tried to post a picture to a thread but here goes! 1st IMG should be Incognito sunning yesterday when I took them out


2nd IMG is Solitaire climbing back up towards the sun after the wind shook her vine and knocked her down :( Poor Baby! I will have to sun in the back yard next time!


And last IMG is Nito getting ready for lightsout


I really hoped the pictures worked and ya'll finally get to see my new guys. Also I FINALLY got to see both of them drink last night! Solly shot her tounge at the screen where beads were trickling down and Nito smacked his lips under the drop when I moved it towards the back of the cage to his fav vine. :D
Thank you! My first set of Chameleons but I hope for others if I ever move off this island. I was worried about getting them so young and small but we are getting by ok right now :) I love the tiny guys!
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