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My guy just got a shed and is starting to show more colors especially his bar. but it's slow going as most things chameleon. I try not to mess with him much and avoid handling unless I'm cleaning the entire enclosure because he really freaks out. That's the only time I really see him "fired up" .

I see posts all the time of peoples 5 month ambilobe and it looks like one of the kammerflage breeders and I'm like wow what are they gut loading with?!?

My chameleon has vivid colors for his age... does gut loading make a difference in their color?


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My chameleon has vivid colors for his age... does gut loading make a difference in their color?
Probably not a big effect on colors directly (nothing like using certain greens makes reds pop more or anything) but I applied a good health good colors train of thought.

Personally I use different leafy greens collar mustard parsley ,sweet potatoes, carrots all simple stuff that's already in the fridge. Also I got some cricket crack to top things off.

My Cham shows browns or dark colors in the am while basking and then will have his chill greenish blues throughout the day but never anything as astonishing as other posts of similar ages. I feel like I'm doing the best I can offering different feeders gutloading and using supplements, hot5 uvb ,br30 basking light, live plants and a mist king. I figure it is just a matter of time. I've seen photos of the mother and father as well as the sires sire if he is even half as colorful I'd still be enthralled


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My boy has had beautiful colors since I got him - an array of pastels turning into gorgeous jewel tones over the course of a few months. Good breeding without inbreeding; proper husbandry with high quality UVB; excellent nutrition with a wide variety of properly gutloaded insects; and a good supplement plan that covers not just the essentials, but attempts to replicate what they would be getting from the wild - these are the things that make healthy & beautiful chams.
Wow, when did you get him? I have a Flynn from FL Chams too.
I got him December of this last year, he’s been a joy, he will readily come to me as the mobile food tree, especially if I have hornworms lol, I have two females but one literally gets upset if she even notices you looking at her haha
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