Let the countdown begin!

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I placed my order just shy of 4 months ago and started the research over 7 months ago. Now there is just 5 days until my little guy gets here. He will be arriving on Tuesday.

Crickets are getting purchased on Saturday so I can start feeding them. I have my cricket crack and all of the supplements that the babies are already getting and I will be keeping the same products and schedule that the breeder is currently using. I know that he may not eat for a few days once he arrives, but I will be offering anyways.

Still keeping the name secret from all of you just to keep you guessing.

Let the excitement begin!


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Congrats! I've got my deposit down and counting the days for mine as well. Don't burst from excitement over the next few days, wait til he gets there. He's gonna need you ;)


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ya. congrats on your baby and on doing all the research first.
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congrats.the wait seems like forever when your excited,i just got mine yesterday and was ready to burst.lol


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Kudos to you for doing all the research before you got a chameleon. I'm excited for you and can't wait to see pictures all he arrives. :)

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There will be lots of pictures and I might even share out the website I made with the live webcams of him. There will be 2 cameras on the cage and one on the 3 temp gauges and 3 humidity gauges.
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