Lele...here are pics of my setup right now.


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WOW Lele! Sorry it took so long to post these. Everytime I start to do it, one of the kids needs something. I know I'm going to take some flack fro them being in an aquarium. I took some bad advice at the pet store. Here is what it looks like so far. It is starting to have different temps in different spots. I need to add some soft stuff on the bottom like the fake ivy clusters I have hanging on the sides. They would break a fall, but not heep the moisture trapped. I taped together the 2 strips of reptile carpet and I am hanging it on the front of the tank at night so they won't be bothered by the tv or someone walking by. When I get more plants they should have more places for privacy. Everyone near me hadn't gotten their plants in yet.
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Sorry - I missed these!

I kept looking in the general discussion - oops!

Consider their age and dehydration problem - and if they are getting along OK - you should be fine for a while. Of course I would not usually recommend a tank but as you and I have conversed at length I think it is fine under the circumstances. My main concern would be it getting too hot so monitor the temps carefully.

Do they seem to be drinking OK? The moisture looks good so they can lick of the sides however...be sure it dries out before lights out and the temps go down. They also need some dry time during the day or they may get a URI. I know it all seems so tricky, but once they are on their feet and ready to go into the big cages it will be eaiser.

You do not need anything on the bottom. Chams are better off with no substrate at all. They aren't falling are they? If you want to put anything down use paper towel and then wipe it clean daily. My cage has just a poly plastic bottom.

I would use a dark towel or blanket to cover the tank at night. Any light can keep them form sleeping well. Luna was - and Cyrus is - in my office so I always completely cover it as long as the computer is still on. Then i take it off when I leave the room for the night so that fresh air can circulate.

keep us posted - btw, how big is the tank?
Oops, I did say I would put it in general, didn't I!

Sorry Lele, I was going to put it in general, but then I saw this section and I wasn't sure.
I have not seen them drink. I thought I saw one lick the water off her snout though. I mist hopeing to see them drink, but I think they are too distracted by me. Of course I have watched them eat.
The Habba mist is working for me although I need to change the settings to go off less frequently. My only problem is that it sprays so much so fast that it drips off to much leaving water on the bottom. I need more to absorb the water. I'm gonna try putting my own nozzel on and see if I can get it to spray a really fine mist.
The first few hours in their new home I did see them fall 2 times. I'm not sure if it was the same one or each one falling once. They walked out onto this leaf like it was sturdy and it buckled under thier weight and down they went. It was wet at the time so they just slid off. The haven't made a mistake like that since that I have seen. I blame it on everything being new to them.
The tank is 48" long, 18" wide, 18 high.
The heat had been 80 on one side and 70 on the other. I was advised to keep the basking at around 95 and I added a bulb on that side. It was up to 90 today on that side, the other side was down to 70. I am definately going to add a humidifier. The Hubba Mist will work well for their drinking, but isn't helping the humidity as much as I need. What is the proper range for humidity during the day and at night? I am not clear on that yet. Sorry I haven't responded to all post and private messages yet. I am still fighting this migraine. It hasn't gotten so bad that I'm useless yet, but it's trying hard to put me down. Later Tara

Question: What pet store did you get the aquarium advice because if i were you I would take it back and demand a full refund plus a discount on the correct environ or on some other supplies that you may need like supplements, lighting etc. I repeat, at the very least any chain store should give you your money back and some other form of remuneration for their false advice and misrepresentation. It sucks bad enough that they keep their animals in horrible conditions, but then they go and suggest those same bad conditions for customers. Ok, I am done, but really, go talk to the manager or even the regional manager of the store:mad:
I sure wish I could!

I got the advice from "Animal Kingdom", but unfortuately I did not buy the aquarium from them. I purchased it cheaper from the bulletin board and used the rest of my money for other things my Cham needed.
I do not think the store is a chain. As for getting my money back on ANYTHING they sell me...fat chance. They are so mean. I bought my first fogger from them and got home and it didn't work. They refused to give me my money back or even exchange it. I had specifically asked about the return policy and they said 7 days with the receipt. When I went back they had posted a sign beside the register "no refunds or exchanges of any kind on foggers or misters".
I argued and argued with them and finally they let me return it minus a 20% restocking fee for something that never worked. So they kept $10 and THEN they only gave me store credit. I will not buy anything important from them ever again. Thanks for the advice though.
As for their single cham they have for sale. It is now a juvenile and they have raised the price. It is in a maybe 15 gallon aquarium. No plants, just a vine, and a waterfall to drink from. He is also in the highest traffic area of the store, right by the register. He was pretty friendly when I held him. They said he likes to play in their hair. Later, Tara
I would report them to the better business bureau, that is illegal and even if you cant prove it, they will take some heat, and thats what we all want right, revenge. No not really but they should be put in their place.
I wish

I have been wronged by so many different people and places that I am just tired. In the beginning I believed that if you were in the right, justice would prevail..HA HA..yeah right.
The trickey part is that they do not put anything on the reciept about a return policy, which is why I ASKED when I made the purchase. I might report them and hope something is done about it. The sad thing is if you want to go buy something at a pet store, they are the only one close by. There is another one, but it doesn't have the same range of products for reptiles. I am just going to shop around online for now. Can you believe that the pet store is selling their Habba Mist for $80. Too funny! I bought reptile carpet..55 gallon size and it was $30 at that store. A strip of bendAvine was $19.99
I bought 3 different sizes and 2 of each online and it was only around $30. I have learned my lesson with that store. Tara
You should get rid of the aquarium, chameleons are usually kept in a tall screen enclosure because they all like to climb and they need proper ventilation, both of wich you get with a screen enclosure.

heres an example:

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