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hi my veiled chameleon just over a year old is wanting to lay her first clutch i have four buckets in her enclosure 2 of them have stones on top of soil because of they are her main plants other 2 one has a plant and topsoil and sand moist so she can lay and other has no plant just soil/sand mix but she is always coming down digging and then going back up coming down wandering around and going back up is this her normal or is it her having trouble of finding a suitable laying spot? it is also day 26-27 since she was mated thank you
Are you letting her see you watching her when she's digging? If so you are likely making her abandon the hole thinking it's not a safe place to lay them.

That being said...
The female may dig several test holes over several days but should settle on one and dig it until she is happy with it. She should then turn around butt down and lay the eggs usually in the evening. She should then fill in the hole and tamp it down and return to the branches hungry and thirsty.

Good luck!
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