Last egg hatched!


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Well, it is official......the last egg of our Veiled batch has hatched at 3:20 am November 15, 2006!!! YAY!
The first hatched on October 11, 2006 and out of 43 eggs, we got 42 healthy babies. We lost one because for some reason, he just didn't come out of the egg after pipping it. This has been a wonderful experience and I know we have to find homes for all of them, but it's gonna be hard to let them go!
Hubby & I went to the Reptile Expo in San Antonio, TX this past weekend and we did sell a few of the older babies there and I traded some for a pair of non-related Jacksons. I also was a sucker for some Bearded Pygmy Leaf Chameleons.......had to rescue them, out of 4 I purchased only 2 made it but they are now very happy in thier enclosure and eating and drinking well. Poor little things were severely dehydrated so I paid the $65 for the group even though we could see that 2 of them probably wouldn't make it. The Jacksons are healthy and happy in their new enclosures as well. As soon as they are settled in, I will be taking photos and posting them.
That is good to hear. I am excited about mine but still have a long wait for incubation. Are you going to try to breed the Jacksons? Those seem like they would be some fun babies to have around too.
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