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hi im trying to find a stand for my clamp lamp them zoo med stands only go to 36 inch and my cage is high as 5ft really wnt to order a stand tonight so i cn get my cham on sunday im in england so any peeps from uk plzzzz help thankyou :(
have made one lol calmaped it to my cage stand is ok act just getting my temps right now heat is ok 95f bt the humidity seems high dnt know why is weird reading 79 cud u help out at all? cheers
hey alan,

is your humidity at 79 degrees all day? also, what type of cham do you have? thanks

just set all the lights up aint gt the cham yet am getting a yemen gonna get him on sunday hopefully for a baby wht shall it b i ws thinking 50% and gt told heat shudnt b tht high when there babys 80f or bit higher correct me if wrong thanx
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