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I got one of these wooden bird ladders for my Cam today. Are there any recommendations on how to best secure it in the cage? Thanks.

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Depending on what it's up aginst you can use zip-ties which seems to work very well and keeps it locked in place. You can also use fishing line and it works good too.
I have multiple pieces of bamboo going across my cage so I just attached the end of the ladder with the hooks onto to a piece of bamboo then let the other end of the ladder rest on another piece of bamboo and I use it as a basking spot and it's my chams favorite spot in the cage forsure!
I used some bendable wire I got from Walmart out of the craft section. It's black coated copper. I drilled a small hole to attach it to each piece of bamboo in my cage. Works excellent and you don't have to cut up your cage for zip ties or anything like that
twist ties with the paper pulled off is what i usually use too ,ive taken branches from the yard and baked them cut them to size and wedged them into the screen cage and pushed thumb tacks into the ends of the branch to secure it
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