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Took a quick pic of little Kokie at about 13 months old, on the free range.
I am waiting to see those lateral yellow/orange stripes that jax ii's are famous for.
I see a little yellow, don't know how old they are before they are at max color??
If anyone can tell me, please chime in :)


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Thanks Jann, I let him spend the night on the free range and just took him home (under some protest).
He's still pretty 'wild' but not nearly as bad as when I got him.
He still doesn't want to get on my hand for a ride home, but calms down once
I get him on it.
He doesn't seem afraid of me, he more like, leave me alone sort of attitude.

He is also VERY hard to photograph!! I need a good telephoto/zoom lens :)

If he sees a camera even from across the room, he does the cham specialty; "The Roll" :D

I am fairly pleased with the progress I have made with him.
Considering, there was a time when he would hide in the thickest part of the cage, and was too insecure to come out to the free range.
I used to leave his door open and a 4 foot high fake pothos tree near.

Took a long time and tons of patience, but now he wants out like all my other guys, he just likes to "sneak" out !LOL


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I can't answer the question about color, but he sure looks cute, I really want a Jacksons, I think they are so cool looking.
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