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I purchased what was advertised as K. tavetana. The cham with the pronounced crest is a multi (if you feel differently, please speak up). The other one has a very subtle dorsal "crest" with a noticeable single spine and then another "nub" just in front of that one which I can feel. These are definitely spines and not foreign material. I have never encountered female tavetanas with any kind of dorsal crest, even tiny ones. I have a female tav and have had several in the past and I compared the crest scales and my CH tavetana has a double row of enlarged scales. This one does not seem to have that.

Anyone have any ideas?


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This is really Cainschams' territory but I am confident the second picture and on are all female K. tavetana.

Chris Anderson

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The first image is of a female Kinyongia multituberculata, as you said. The second can only be either a female K. tavetana or K. boehmei. Typically the presence of dorsal spines indicates K. boehmei, but in this case, your female isn't showing the other characteristics of K. boehmei (red casque, etc.), and I believe this rogue spine is not indicative of the ID. I would say she is a K. tavetana.

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