Kinyongia Boehmei Not Growing


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In October, I bought a three-month-old Male Kinyongia Boehmei. However, he has not grown at all. I house him in a 30x30x45cm tank, he is eating and drinking as he should and I am providing the supplements. I place him next to the year-old female I have (enclosure size: 50x60x100cm) to show a comparison between the two. He used to be in the female enclosure but then I got two females and decided to move him into a smaller enclosure. Is there something I am doing wrong?

Unfortunately, I haven't.
There aren't a lot of vets open at the moment.
Could that be a reason why he isn't growing?
I agree that he is extremely thin and should see a vet for a fecal and meds. Because he is so frail the medication can be a bit risky but your vet can advise you. Make sure you find a reputable exotic vet and not just the first vet you find.

These guys should not be kept together, even the females. All three probably need to be tested because if this little guy has parasites they have been transferred to the females and the enclosures as well.
I wouldn't be putting the male on the same branches, etc in case what's wrong with the male can pass to the female....and I would quarantine them from each other as well.
It might be too late already.

@snitz427 beat me to it!!
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