Kilo and Kila ; plants, food and growing up


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Sooo these chameleons are getting sick of crickets. Kilo knows theres mealworms somewhere (only gets them 1 or 2 x a week now.) They wont eat but a few crickets a day. Their appitite is curving To me Iit seems.

They are healthy 100% bright and viberent. They will stare at the cricket like "ewwww" then eat half of it and yeah welllll..... the Horned Worms... they dont eat them... roaches are hopeless and 1 escaped (in jesus I prey) I cannot find Silk Worms. They are eatting their bamboo alive so I need ideas on cheap plans they WILL and CAN eat i can find for cheap at garden centers (not walmart home depot or lowells I knowbmany small shops that are healtht I just dont know what to loook for.

I will also upload pics of them and there cages! I think you guys will be flattered when you see recent pics of them.

Fallow me on instagram @prepared

> Edible plants... cheap, healthy and medium in size as well as large for in cage.

Thanks guys happy weekend. I am back !! Yay
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