Keeping my veiled hydrated.....


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Hi Cam Lovers,

Like all of you no doubt, I am always worrying about my veiled cham Boris being hydrated. I monitor his poop, eyes etc and shower him regularly during the summer months (he loves it).

I have recently been spraying my gut loaded hoppers with water before feeding too, does anyone else do this? I think its a great way to ensure you cam is getting some extra water every day.

What do you think, do you think this method is beneficial or should I just let him hydrate himself from the dripper?

Thanks :)
Hi Psycobunny!! ( hehe good name)

Thanks for the tip, I don't think they are that easy to get hold of around here, I'm sure I could probably get them on the internet!!

I'll give it a go thanks :)
Yes you can get silkworms in the uk. My chameleon loves them. I can give you a couple of websites if you want them.
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