keeping male chams close by


Hi I currently own two panther chameleons.
One is three years old fully grown adult and the other one i a small kandiroo baby. Nice guy!

I keep them in two separate cages which have like a cardboard like separation so they don`t see each other.
But the small guy seems to be pretty stressed. can you help me? is it because they are very close together?
if he cant see the adult, its not because the cages are next to each other.

If you just got him, hes probably getting used to his new cage.

If you don't have a lot of foliage it could be because of that too.
If you mean is he stressed cause he can sense the other one, I don't think so. As long as he cannot see your other chameleon, you can most likely rule that being the cause of the stress. If you just got him, he is probably just adjusting. If not, maybe there is something else in the room or the cage that is bothering him. My one chameleon hates the green lid to the little dripper. He tries to attack it if he sees it. Have no idea why!
Also depends when you got him. Is he just settling in or has this continued on for a week or so? But like carol said I don't think he would be stressed cause he's sharing the room with another Cham.
P.s post some pics of your Chams! I've got a kandiroo baby too :)
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