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Karma crossed the rainbow bridge just after midnight, warm and calm and lulled into unconsciousness by a gentle sedative. He was loved, and I hope I made his short, tragic life just a little brighter. I'll be burying him in the garden under the nice shady tree once the ground thaws a little more. Rest in peace little buddy!




Chameleon Enthusiast
oh Amanda, I'm so sorry to hear! looking at his progress thread though you have made the last few months of his life amazing! Rest in peace Karma. me and Apollo are sending our love and strength to you and him wherever he may be now


Chameleon Enthusiast
I'm sorry for your loss! It's amazing how these cold-blooded creatures can warm our hearts so much! It's never easy losing someone/something when you've attached your human emotions to them. RIP Karma. I'm glad he got to go in his sleep though. I think he would've been glad about that too. As a human that's how I hope to go as well.
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