Juvenile Veiled not drinking


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...that I know of. I have only seen him drink once. I got the exo terra monsoon system set up and I misted his tank. He drank the drop hanging from the nozzle after it was all done, didnt even touch the drops on literally EVERYTHING ELSE. I even have a live potted plant (pothos)

I owned him for about a week before the misting system (used spray bottle before) and now that i mist, i still never see him drink. Ive had the mister a couple of days. How do I know he is getting his water? Are there early signs of being thirsty? I know the CHRONIC dehydration symptoms in extreme cases but what about plain thirst for the day?

Maybe he just doesnt like me watching him drink, I dont know. He has no problem with me watching him eat.

I even tried a supervised shower. How do I make him drink?
Sounds like he's just a little afraid of the mist system so give it a couple of days. It's always nice to have a dripper on hand also. About the dehydration I know if their eyes are sunk in its from being dehydrated. My Veiled likes to drink from the foliage where I cant see him so he might just be a little shy like mine :)... good luck.
I think he might be shy like yours. He has been hiding under leaves a lot, whereas before, he would stay out in the open where I could very easily find him. Now when I get home from work and check on him, i freak out for a couple minutes because I cant find him!
Dont freak out :D thats what they do best. It takes a while to find mine also and I laugh when he's right in front of me but been spending 5 minutes looking for him. Sounds like he has plenty of foliage and thats always good. Keep an eye on him but I'm pretty sure he's drinking water, its just when yr not looking :)
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