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I was wondering if people are intrested in saying there age and location. Maybe some live in same state or are the same age.
Also if you wan't say what you do for living or what grade you are in.

I am male, 25 and live in south denver, colorado

I am operations manager of 3 restruants at six flags denver ( 6 years )

I have degree in busniess administration from CSU and going for (MBA) Master of Busniess Administration at DU.

Hope you all like this. Just to see who and what people do.
Sure I can do this

I'm a 21 year old female and I live in New York City.

I am an administrative program aide in the adult services dept. of a non-profit organization.

I'm also a full time student working on my bachelors and majoring in Political Science

And just as an added thing I think maybe we should say what kind of chams/herps we have. At the moment have two Jackson's.
I have W/C senegals. 1 male 1 female planning on breeding them this summer.
I had other chams but sold them for breeding purposes. ( 2 Panthers ) And sadly I lost my veiled about 4 months ago. He was dehydrated from petsore I couldnt save em. I also sold my fishers male for breeding.

If your wondering why I sold em, I was told that beeing close for atleast 6 months helps breeding proccess. Any idea if this is correct?
Hey guys

I am 24 and a woman. Right now I'm living in Richmond VA. I Recently Got married and he move back home with me. Poor soul! I am currently trying to get into school. It's been a long vacation :D

Right now I only have Herbie. He is about 3 years old and is a veiled cham.
He is my first lizard, besides catching wood lizards and blue tailed racers as a kid.

I am very interested in getting another cham at some point, but they are so expensive and want to do it right, so for now I think Herbie is all I can handle
Well, I'm 20, female, and live in scranton pa with my best friend.

I'm a certified massage therapist. I subcontract to a local chiropactor and to an at home hospice service.

I'm planning to go back to Bloomsburg U in the future to finish my masters in zoology with a specailty in herpatology.

I mostly keep and breed ball python morphs but have had my female veiled, Gracie, for 5 years (she's 8 all together) and will be getting an adult pair of Sambava panthers next week. I also have a pair of blue tongue skinks, lots of tree frogs, and a baby bearded dragon:)

I am a 31 yo female. I am a 3rd grade teacher. I live in a small town near Galveston, TX.

I am a new cham owner. I have a 4-5 month old veiled cham. I had an iguana in the past that was pretty big....raised him since he was a baby. I had to get rid of him because he didnt like my ex-husband and was becoming very territorial. Now that I dont have the ex anymore I decided to get another lizard.....my baby Shady.
where from

I am a 37yrs old, i finished school in the uk and took a apprentiship in mechanical engineering

Ive kept many different reptiles from a kid and got my first cham 8yrs ago

I moved to spain 5 yrs ago and live in a place called guardamar del segura which is near alicante,i now work as a builder and part time working for a internet company.

Ive had experience in the following chams (mostly good :D but some bad :( )

soabana panther
blue bar ambilobe panther
nosy be panther
sambava panther
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