June '07 Photo Contest

June '07 Photo Contest

  • Votes: 23 46.9%

  • Votes: 2 4.1%

  • Votes: 3 6.1%

  • Votes: 3 6.1%

  • Votes: 1 2.0%

  • Votes: 4 8.2%

  • Votes: 2 4.1%

  • Votes: 3 6.1%

  • Votes: 2 4.1%

  • Votes: 6 12.2%

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Chameleon Photo Contest
:D June 2007
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As announced at the beginning of the year, a contest was not scheduled for June or December. This has now changed. Tyler from Bluebeast Reptile has stepped in and offered to sponsor a June photo contest. For this contest only, contest sponsors may not enter or offer incentives. Future contests will continue as scheduled.

1st place: Choose an offer from Bluebeast Reptile :D
The winner of this contest may choose one of the three options below. All options are offered by Bluebeast Reptile and does not include shipping unless otherwise noted.
  1. 50% off a chameleon purchase
  2. 30% off a cage purchase (custom sizes not included)
  3. Free UPS Next Day Air on any cham purchase

How to enter the contest:
contest entry deadline: June 17, 2007
  • To submit your photo, click here.
  • Fill out the form and click submit.
  • You are welcome to change your submitted image anytime before the submission deadline.

Please view the contest rules before submitting a photo. Click here to access the contest rules.

entry deadline: June 15
voting: June 18 - June 30
contest results will be announced on July 2 2007

Please review the contest rules. The photo entry period will be extended if a minimum of 10 valid entries have not been received.

The Chameleon Forums reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. Please check this thread often if you are participating in the contest. Feel free to reply to this thread with questions if you have them.


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Can I just say to Rocky's owner I think Rocky is one mighty fine Veiled chameleon!!:eek:
He deserves to do well in the photo contest.


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The entry phase for the June '07 photo contest ends this evening. Now is your last chance to enter :eek:

Public voting will begin Monday night.


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Tyler from Bluebeast Reptile helped me with this process.

In order to narrow down the initial entry count to 10 photos I run them all through a few filters or phases. I had a harder time than usual this month and could not complete the task in time. Because of this, we have 15 photos in the public vote this month.

If your photo did not make the final cut, you are welcome to send questions to me privately. If you prefer a more public opinion you can create a new thread in the photo contest forum. If so, make sure to upload a copy of your photo entry as your original has most likely been removed.


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Saturday is the last day to vote in the June contest.

Contest results will be posted as soon as I receive rankings from the judges.
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Contest Results

The Results​

1st place: Plow13
Species: Chamaeleo Chamaeleo calyptratus
Common: Veiled Chameleon
Sex: female
Age: 3 months

2nd place: Crazy Chams
Species: Furcifer pardalis
Common: Panther Chameleon
Sex: male
Age: 10 months

2nd place: Chameleon Kingdom
Species: Furcifer pardalis
Common: Panther Chameleon (Ambilobe)
Sex: male
Age: 9 months

If you are not familiar with how the contest works, please review the [THREAD=102]contest rules[/THREAD].

open member vote
The top ranked photos from the open member voting received the following points:
photo 01 => 5 pts (Crazy Chams)
photo 15 => 3 pts (Plow13)
photo 11 => 1 pt (Chameleon Kingdom)

judge rankings
We had three judges this month: Jamie, Tyler Stewart, and Kinyonga.
The judges, in no specific order, gave the following rankings:

photo 01 => 3 pts (Crazy Chams)
photo 10 => 2 pts (Will Hayward)
photo 01 => 1 pts (Plow13)

photo 06 => 3 pts (jboychyn)
photo 01 => 2 pts (Plow13)
photo 12 => 1 pts (Maganda)

photo 02 => 3pts (Plow13)
photo 05 => 2pts (Chameleon Kingdowm)
photo 12 => 1pts (Maganda)

point totals
photo 01 - Plow13: 9 pts
photo 15 - Crazy Chams: 8 pts
photo 05 - Chameleon Kingdom: 3 pts
photo 06 - jboychyn: 3 pts
photo 12 - Maganda: 2 pts
photo 10 - Will Hayward: 1 pts

There was an initial tie for third place. According to the rules regarding ties, an entry with more points from the public vote will surpass a tying entry. Thanks to everyone who participated. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the contest, please create a new thread in the photo contest forum.

Medals have been awarded.
Congratulations to the winners :) :D
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Whenever I click on the thumbnail of the winning photo on the home page, it takes me to the May 07 winning photo instead...

Great 'ninja-style' photo btw! Loved it.


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I accidentally discovered a bug while manipulating the maximum number of options allowed per poll. This resulted in the poll not showing all results. The complete results from the public vote is listed below.

votes - member

29 - Crazy Chams
03 - EXO
06 - Chameleon Kingdom
23 - Plow13
04 - TreelionsUK
02 - Cherron
03 - PukaKeha
01 - jboychyn
02 - Michael
03 - crow22
01 - Maganda
02 - omiga13
02 - Will Hayward

total votes: 81


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Whenever I click on the thumbnail of the winning photo on the home page, it takes me to the May 07 winning photo instead...

Great 'ninja-style' photo btw! Loved it.

Thanks Tygerr ... The link should now be fixed :)
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