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As some of you must remember, I don't like spiders. But today, I saw a really cool, and giant, jumping spider! Now I kind of want one. Does anybody know where I can buy a jumping spider, or a way to get one wild caught? I have always wanted to get into invertebrates, maybe this is how I start.

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Welcome to the jumping spider annex of the chameleon forum!
I don’t know where you can get one as I am in the u.k as is @Miss Lily, but we both were hesitant about keeping spiders, both started off with jumping spiders and then progressed rather rapidly into tarantula keeping.
Hopefully @Miss Lily can add a few pictures of her Bella, a spider who will further win your heart.

The Phiddipus Jumpers are exquisite and incredible little creatures to watch and do try and pursue finding one, you won't regret it. Easy to keep, They are beautiful, sweet and entertaining.
Another interactive invert I’ve found is heterachaeta orientalis mantid, an elegant mantis that is quite aware of movement and was one of my favourite mantid species.

I have been terrified of spiders all my life, observing the jumper made me feel more confident and I learnt to appreciate spiders much more, I still can’t deal with some species to even look at but they certainly helped me be able to deal with an encounter with a spider and not have such a reaction of fear anymore which is liberating as my fear was immense,
now I keep 5 species of tarantula and believe me, they are simply wonderful, not scary at all once you actually get to watch them, just remarkable creatures.
Good luck and they are worth looking for.

This is my Rosie, still going strong after a year and a half. Don’t you just love those eyes and eyelashes.


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@Twitchet Rosie us super cute!

Yes, I also have a female Regal Jumping spider called Poppy. Sadly, Bella died in January. I have found that males are out and about more and are more inquisitive. If you're on Facebook, join the jumping spiders husbandry/keepers group and you'll find people who can point you in the direction of some for sale near you. This is Poppy


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Thanks everybody! I have been thinking of going on facebook, maybe that will be soon! Thank you everybody for your help, and yes, I AM quite fond of mantises! (manti?)
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