Journeyman Spiders


I know lots of people feed Harvestman Spiders (long-legged spiders / Daddy long-legs / whatever you call them). I think journeyman spiders are pretty much the same thing except smaller, and to the best of my knowledge they're not poisonous at all.
But because I'm on a dial-up internet connection and I don't feel like spending hours on surfing the web on finding that out, I'm gonna just take your words for it lol. So my situation is this:

I ran out of crickets today and I can't pick up any crickets until a few days from now. So I went outside to look for some bugs and couldn't, and then I went inside and found some of the journeyman spiders just chilling in the corner of my room. I usually don't bother them; they catch a lot of mosquitos in my house, but I care more about my chameleon than those spiders :p
My cham's name is Zed and he's 3-4 months old. Is it safe to feed him the spiders?

And yes I know that they can carry parasites, but so can anything else. I'm just asking about the journeyman's nutrition and if they're poisonous or anything.
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